Enter Mark Zuckerberg

Back in 2003, he built a quick PHP script, to have people rate Harvard students on a hot or not basis. In todays day and age, it's more clear than ever that people like to rate each other anonymously, swipe left or right.

First step

In our process of revolutionising the online dating market, we've created a fairly straight-forward system, where you upload a couple of pictures, and go on to rate others. Once you've filled your quota, we aggregate the statistics, and send you a report.

This system exists, so that you can see which profile picture would get you best results. It's quite finely grained, so you can see what age-range like what picture, and you can also see this depending on their personality.

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PAID FOR. Facebook-integrations can keep rubbish bots out, so there's no spam. Running costs are negligable.

Further feature requests I've gotten:

  • Same system, but with profile texts in OkCupid style instead of pictures, so I can find my best profile texts
  • Instant messages if you fall in love with someone when scrolling through pictures
  • Matching algorithm, looking at your liked personality, showing what kind of personalities you like the look of
  • Constantly updated guidelines, where data go into a guideline document for different age groups/personalities
  • Put-in-touch, if you rate someone highly, and by chance of luck, they rate your picture highly, the system put you in touch, either over Facebook or anonymous messages
  • Sped up paid-for service for gents (inherently against charging for this service)
  • Hotness-meter. See how hot you are, and get an example of others in your "hotness-bracket"
  • Tracking discrepencies between personality wants and what one likes the look of, i.e. when profile texts rater exists.