11 Tips for Taking Better Smartphone Photos



Posting your best photos on dating apps is key to getting more matches and dates. In order to get incredibly beautiful photos you can hire a professional photographer that will make sure to show your personality and help you put your best self forward. If you’re not ready to hire a professional, or you just want to try a cheaper option, follow the hacks below to take great photos using your smartphone

Capture Multiple Shots

Capturing multiple shots (aka Burst Mode) will help you choose the photo you like the most and it will help you take incredible action photos.

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Embrace negative space

It is a method to make your photo look clean and balanced and it encourages the viewer to focus their attention on the main subject. The street photographer Nicholas Goodden says that negative space “adds definition to your subject and is similar to a visual pause. It reduces the negative impact of a busy composition by acting as buffer, an area in which the eye can rest. It can also add to the mystery, it invites the viewer to make up the rest of the story and can greatly affect the emotion, the mood of the photo”.

Look for symmetry. Use gridlines to balance your shot

It might not be important for everyone but believe me if I say that asymmetry can make your photos look odd, like if there was something missing or out of place. Using gridlines will make your photo look balanced and pleasing to the eyes.

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Don't zoom in

Find the perfect distance between you and the camera - get closer or farther. Avoid zooming in because it might make the photo look blurry or pixelated. Bad quality images are an instant turn off so do your best to take and post high quality pictures.

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Use natural light
Natural light can give interesting effects to your photos, since it can change from hour to hour. It can give cold or warm tones, accentuates shadows and intensity and it can make your photos look natural and appealing.

Use flash only during the day

We’ve always been told to use the flash when taking photos at night or when we are in badly lit places. In most cases, the flash gives our photos a very odd effect making them look uneven and altering the colours. It’s a completely different story when you use the flash during the day, since it can help soften or remove shadows behind or beneath the subject of your photo.

Consider buying a mobile tripod

Instead of taking a selfie or balancing your phone on unstable surfaces, you could just buy a tripod or a ring light with a tripod stand so that you can take photos from different angles and get the right light.

Set your camera app's exposure manually

Your phone’s camera automatically adjusts depending on how much lighted the environment you’re in is. The trick here is to tap on your phone’s screen until an icon with the sun comes up and adjust the light manually.

Clean your phone's lens

One of the reasons why your photos don’t look good might be that your lens is dirty. We are so dependent on phones that we bring them everywhere. If we go out we put it in bags and backpacks together with a million other things, if we’re at home we might put it on dusty surfaces or you can simply touch the lens leaving your fingerprints. The secret is to clean the lens with a handkerchief before taking the picture. 

Edit the image if you need it

Editing your photo is an important step to build the perfect photo. When I say “editing”, I’m not talking about adding emojis, text or heavy filters but adjusting lighting, sharpness, contrast or simply cropping the image.

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Don't use in-app cameras

Your phone has incredible skills and features that will allow you to take incredible photos. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and many others do not use all those skills your phone offers, that’s why the quality of your photos is far below what you’re used to. To avoid this, you could simply take your photos with your phone camera and upload them on the app or platform you like.