You only get one shot at your first impression. We help you aim.

Our mission

Our purpose is to make the love part slightly easier. Combining real user feedback and AI, we will tell you how you can put your best self forward.

We promise our results will leave you feeling great and we will even offer handy hints of how we believe you can express yourself better, even through just one photograph.

Just upload pics, rate your fellow users and wait for the results. Simple as that.

Our team

team Selene


Selene is an optimistic, romantic soul who strongly believes in love and happy endings. After studying Interpreting and Translation Selene moved on to coach people through their online dating struggles. She is fascinated by the law of attraction, human connections and how these develop during time - taking different paths and turning into a love interest.

team Marten


Marten is an expert software engineer, with the likes of BNP Paribas, UN, Cabinet Office, Impact Hub Global, SEUK, MHCLG etc. under his belt. He is passionate about the online dating world, how to make that a better experience for everyone, and how to build the worlds best online [d|r]ating platform.

Our story

DATEnhance started as a personal journey for our founder Marten.

“It is a human bias that we have - when we see a photo of ourselves, we only see ourselves, we cannot be objective as we would be for a stranger”.

Coming out of a long-term relationship can be hard, especially when the majority of the dating scene moved online. We ask ourselves: Do I dare to go online? Am I good-looking enough? Which photo do I pick? What should I write in my bio? How do I start a conversation? Are my pictures bad? How do I take good photos? Is my bio boring? Should I quit whilst I still have my pride? Get any of these questions wrong, and online dating will be a harsh experience for one's ego.

So, I did what every stand-up guy would do. I asked my female friends what photos to pick. Their advice was great of course, but also completely useless. My profile was now just a set of photos of travels we’ve done together and times I look funny drunk. It was the best of their intentions, they saw a photo that made them smile and picked that. Online dating became even more of a drag.

Then I did what every stand-up software engineer would do. I created an online solution for my problem, scratching my own itch as it were. That’s how and why DATEnhance was created.

For me, for you, for anyone who needs to understand how they’re coming across and get better at it.

Our promise

Security & Privacy

We promise to never sell your data, and we will only use your data to better the user experience for you and others.

Our data

At DATEnhance we are data-driven. We do not make assumptions. We use data to learn how online dating works, and what performs well on such sites.

Our Community

We have over 20,000 users from all over the world using the site 24/7. Our community consists of people who want to be better at online dating.

Our location

There are plenty of fish in the sea, you just need to be good at fishing.

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