On dating, sex and love

Our blogger Kimberly takes on the world of dating with fresh eyes.

Sex Education

Why does dating in 2019 feel so hard?

Women messaging first

Here are my thoughts on the inegalitarian nature of online dating

We are Date Enhance

Here are some tips to help you stand out

How to be different, but different good

Beauty over 25 countries

See how beauty is perceived across countries and cultures.

What to do with scores from Datenhance

Got your stats from Datenhance? Amazing - let's do something with it.

Friendly feedback

Why friends are biased when selecting your best shots

Armour for Tinder

The reason can be summarised as easily as this:

Our Method

Online dating involves evaluation of pictures, not of people

Latest photo tips for online dating

You get to that step where it's time to add your photos. That's when you realize that the only pictures you have...

Exit Strategies For Horrible Dates

The worst date I've ever been on involved vegetables...

28 Single Women Reveal Their Type

Tinder is seeing a pattern

The latest on dick-pics

A new take on dick-pics (BTW: never send me any, unless they're at least this good)

Our new Blog Queen

I am very pleased to introduce you to Kimberly

First Date advice

How to succeed on your first date

Best practices for photos

Ignore the tip of using MyBestFace, and use DATEnhance instead ;)

Movies for a date

Find out what movies to watch on a date, or when you're longing for some romance!


Truly epic blog using OKCupid's big data

Dr. NerdLove

Brilliant resource when it comes to how to approach yourself, and I greatly admire his view upon women.

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