Tinder blue tick


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Tinder is constanly evolving with the amount of user increasing every year. One of there more recent, and effective, features is the verification of user profiles. 

I am sure you have all seen the show catfish, where people seduce someone else online under a false identity - RUDE! 

Tinder GIF | Gfycat

This is why Tinder introduced the feature of the blue tick. The blue tick means that Tinder's community team has approved the profile as real. The will portect users from potential dangerous situations, and avoid harmful messages too.

So can anyone get a blue check?

Yes! And it kind of makes you feel like a verified celebrity. To get verfied open your profile and select "verify profile". You will then be shown a pose and asked to copy this and take a selfie. After taking the image select "submit for review". If the team believe you are who you say you are, viola, you will be verfied!

If you plan to meet up with anyone on tinder, please ensure they have a blue tick beside their name for your safety!

Wait! What does the green dot next to matches mean?

Another cool feature, the green dot next topotential matches means this person has been active on Tinder in the last 24 hours! This feature can also be turned off if you do not want users to know you have been online in the last 2 hours. This can be turned off in profile settings.


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