Getting out of the comfort zone

Dear Cupid...HELP!

I met my bestfriend at the beginning of Secondary School. We have always been inseparable. A few years ago I started having feelings for him. I thought it was just a fling and I didn’t give it much thought. We are in the same group of friends; we have film nights once a week just the two of us; we text and talk quite a lot. I really want to confess I’m in love with him but I’m worried he doesn’t feel the same way and above all I don’t want to ruin such a precious friendship. Do you think I should get out of my comfort/friend zone or better leave things as they are?

Love is such an unpredictable, powerful feeling - there’s no way to control it and decide who you are going to fall in love with. You, yourself realised that your feelings for your bestfriend are not just a fling. Keeping the secret won’t benefit you in any way. So, why don’t you try to change things? Be brave, don’t get stuck in the friendzone. Get out of your comfort zone and tell your friend how you feel about him. I’m sure it’s worth knowing if your feelings are returned. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee you that your friendship will stay the same because you don’t know how he will react. However, this doesn’t mean that everything will get lost. It might be odd at the beginning and you might need some time apart but this doesn’t mean your friendship is over.