Should I text her?

Dear Cupid,

This girl and I were getting on really well on tinder we even had a phone call, but when I suggested meeting up she ghosted me? After a few days I messaged to ask if everything was OK but still nothing its been 3 weeks. Do I reach out again? I really liked her.

Online dating is hard, and ghosting makes is harder. People that ghost are cut throat. Being ghosted is tough but you must consider the fact that the ghost-ee may have another reason. Maybe something personal happened, you never know. But do not message again. They have receieved your message, if she wants to respond she will. Do not wait around, and remember you hardly know this person, only the online version of them and they have since ignored you so time to get back online! 

You may have got on well on tinder but this doesn't always transfer in real life either, so the idea you have of them in your head won't always be reality. There is someone out there who you can have great conversations with AND they will respond to you, you have just got to keep searching. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, especially if you aren't getting back what you are putting in.