Diagram of matches

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a piece on how Tinder is not for actually meeting anyone. Thousands of swipes filter down to tens of matches filter down to actual dates, and I estimated it took 3000 swipes to get a live person in a seat in front of me. A user on Reddit has posted a user flow graphic of their experience with Tinder matches over 28 days. Although our numbers are the same orders of magnitude, they are doing much better than I am.

U/keongmanja begins with 53 matches. Of the 53, they get a full 38 to Whatsapp messaging, but then 19 of those 38 "don’t know when they will be free"... WTF? Four say they are too far away, and four aren't actually in town. Of the remaining 19, nine actually agree to a date. Two cancel, three stand them up, and four people actually show up to the agreed-upon location at the agreed-upon time. This beats my estimated yield of one scheduled date per 50 matches by 4x; We've sent a direct message to u/keongmanja to ask how their game is so good, and we'll update this space if we hear back.