Dating Experts

What do love experts think will happen to the future of dating?

Single & ready to mingle.

As soon as lockdown eases, I believe singles will initially rush out dating again. They've missed contact so much that they won't be as picky and will meet people they've met online quickly. However, once they have got this out of their system they will start to date more seriously than ever before. They've had a chance to really think about what they want and will go after it with more intensity. They won't want to be alone again if we end up in more lockdowns in the future.


We need online dating.

Lockdown has done permanent damage to millions of peoples social skills. We are the most under socialised generation in history and the government's Covid response just made it worse. Most adults do not know how to make friends let alone find a partner. This will become a huge social issue in the coming decades. With so many romantically unfulfilled people can lead to mass depression, anger, frustration, addiction issues, social unrest, health problems, lower productivity, even civilisational collapse. This is an issue that we simply can not ignore. The costs to society and the individuals are too high. Making the issue more complicated is the fragmentation and politicisation of culture. No longer can we expect that someone we meet, even though friends, will have even minimally compatible relationship goals and ideas. The good news is that we can help people and online dating can play a role in that process. This confluence of relationship crisis will drive demand for very specialised and advanced online dating experiences that will connect with social media and use AI to filter masses of potential partners, looking for "the one” based on compatible values, virtues, beliefs, interests and overlapping social networks. Helping people find a partner is not enough. We also need to offer people training, education and positive social experiences (events) to build basic social and relationship skills. Many singles will need to take advantage of one-on-one interviews and coaching with relationship experts or even therapists to help them to improve their social skills. There are solutions to our challenges and online dating companies have a huge opportunity to expand and increase the depth of their offerings.