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After struggling with online dating photos Marten decided to build a tool to better understand how to enhance his profile photos. Even with very basic functionality and design, revenues kept growing.

In Dec 2020, Marten hired 2 marketing interns full time to provide services for users and move the product, but most importantly, the marketing forward. In Jan 2021 a designer was brought in to improve the user experience of the platform. Since that moment revenues have doubled.

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Lead Software Engineer leading big tech teams to deliver amazing services for HM Government, BNP Paribas and startups from all over the world

Mårten Wetterberg is a leader in software development. He has spent the past 10 years working as a consultant, creating IT solutions for clients big and small. His portfolio of clients include Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), United Nations, Maserati together with great social enterprises and charities such as Social Enterprise UK, TreeSisters, CrowdSkills and Stand Alone. His expertise lies in leading teams to find and develop simple maintainable IT solutions following industry best practices for complex problems. When he's not coding or tinkering, you can find him teaching people how to sail or kayak.


Economics degree to understand the bigger picture

I have dedicated much of my time to deeper exploring the online dating world and understanding it. With a degree in Economics, I am data driven and research and analysis is vital in any presentation of my advice. On this platform, we will not only tell you how you can date more effectively online, but have evidence to validate such points. Research is a key part of the dating process, so we do the hard work and you can learn from us. Being an expert in giving and receiving feedback, means this position compliments me well. As a natural problem solver, no case is too big or too small. No shortcuts are taken at DATEnhance. Using cutting edge technology and artificial intelligence, our data can lead to better dates.


Expert in expressions and how to help our members

I am an optimistic, romantic soul who strongly believes in love and happy endings. After studying Interpreting and Translation, I started working in 5* hotels as a customer service agent, giving me the chance to strenghten my problem solving skills; I became a more empathetic person and I learned how to find creative solutions to satisfy customers' requests and needs. I am fascinated by the law of attraction, human connections and how these develop during time - taking different paths and turning into a love interest. I experienced this first-hand as I found my current partner on a dating app.


Are you our next CEO?

We are looking for a CEO with startup and online sales experience to step in to drive the business forward with Marten providing tech support and Selene and Anna working on the content marketing and customer experience. We are happy to offer a significant vested equity stake in the company and work together to raise a SEIS / EIS seed investment round of between £150-500k.

What we have learned is that Datenhance solves a real problem and that many of our members are prepared to pay to get crowd feedback and expert advice on their dating profiles. We believe that the business can reach monthly revenues of at least £10k within the next year, especially as lockdown lifts. Our goal is to invest in growth and be in a position to exit within 3-5 years.

Please email marten@datenhance.com if you are interested in applying for the CEO role.