A guide to taking better photos


A simple guide to taking better photos.

Do you ever sit and think ‘How can I look better in photos?’ As humans we are very visual. Thus, pictures are so important. Online, your profile picture is your first impression so make it count. We have created this simple guide to allow you to take better photos of yourself.

These tips can be applied in any scenario. It is all about looking your best, feeling your best and being the best. You can never have too much of a good thing. These steps can be applied whether you are going out to take some new photos or selecting existing ones.

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Location, location, location. If you are not satisfied with your current gallery, go out and take some new pictures! Being outside, in my opinion, is best. Even if it’s against a blank wall. The lighting will highlight your looks so much more than artificial light. Being outside also gives way to the opportunity of a much more adventurous shot. You can’t go wrong with golden hour. Avoid the bright mid-day sun and opt for morning or evening light. Stand by the water, at the beach, play in a park the possibilities are endless! These are all much better options than a webcam, bedroom selfie.

Safety in numbers. When setting out to take a good photo remember, for every good photo there are 100 bad ones. Maximise your chance of success by taking as many shots as possible, adjusting the angle ever so slightly or adjusting your pose. If you don’t like any of the photos taken – start again. Take 100 more. See what you don’t like in the photos and fix that. Accept the things you cannot change & change the things you cannot accept.

Good lighting. You don’t need studio lights or a professional camera to take a good photo. A clear, in-focus image is not a difficult task. Natural light is good, avoid dark shadows that blur the main attraction (you). Make sure the image is sharp and visible and please eliminate any red eye.

Clothing. Bright colours are known to be universally appealing. Wearing a brightly coloured top will get you noticed and make someone pause on your profile. Colours say fun, flirty, bright, adventurous where beige portrays a more dull image. Avoid crazy patterns though.

Smile. You will appear genuine and approachable if you smile. If you have an online profile requiring several images, you could include one or two more serious not smiling photos, but people want to see you smiling. Look directly at the camera. This way you seem warm and friendly and don’t look like a poser

Accessories. They may make everything better in real life however, in photos try to avoid large sunglasses, masks, large hats or even glasses. Minimising the use of these in photos will allow people to see you more clearly.

Selfie at your own risk. Men in particular, all evidence suggests that selfies are a huge no. Get a friend, a parent, a sibling, a stranger, even a self-timer. There is no excuse. For men, when selecting a photo for an online dating, at least one full body shot is recommended! This does NOT include a topless mirror selfie.

Group photos. There are so many opinions on group photos. On a dating profile if all the images are solo shots people wonder do you have friends? Are you social? If you have several group photos people question which one you are, or is there a better-looking friend in the picture. It’s a hard balance. My advice is to settle with one group shot but keep the group quite small. Or even eliminating the group shot altogether, but having a photo of you in a restaurant or café implies you are there with another person thus being social

Pets. Pets can make or break a photo. They allow animal lovers to seek each other out and to share how adorable their dog is. But remember, the animal will more often than not be cuter than you. Are you really going to be upstaged by your dog? People sometimes upload pictures of just their pet on an online profile. Don’t do that.  

Do something. Perhaps leaning towards dating profiles – get out and do something. This is called ‘a hook’ on dating sites. An interesting photo that will spark a conversation, for example reading a book. Seeing your personality, your hobbies, your fashion style, or your interests is endearing to other users. It also helps those who want to chat to you start up a conversation.

These are simple, everyday steps that will lead to more success online. Comment below if you have any tips you would like to share! If you want more personalised feedback on your photos, get in touch with us or upload your photos to the site!