Staying with a cheater

Dear Cupid, I just found out my boyfriend is cheating on me by seeing texts on his phone. I confronted him and he told me it was a mistake and he will never do it again. I love him so much and can’t imagine breaking up but I don’t know if I can trust him again. What should I do?

Break. Up. With. Him.

You said it yourself that you don't know if you can trust him again and the foudation to any relationship is trust! This goes for friendships as well. You need to be able to entirely trust the other person. Imagine he goes on a work night out or out with friends and you are at home, you will find that you will worry the whole time and it is not fair on you. Don't do that to yourself.

I know it is easier said than done but honestly leaving is the only solution. The only reason you found out he was not being faithful to you was because you went and found out yourself. Texting another woman is a choice he has made, it is not a mistake. The question will always arise, what if you had not found those texts? Would this continue? How long has he been doing this for? Did he ever meet up with her? You will destory yourself and you deserve so much better! Believing someone that you love could do that to you is a difficult pill to swallow, but it is better you found out now rather than years later. 

Surround yourself with friends/family, keep busy. Maybe pick up a new skill, or start reading to help the inital sadness but in the long term, it is the best thing for you. It is common for people who make these 'mistakes' to beg for forgiveness, you must stay strong in this instance, everything gets better with time. Good luck.