Here are some tips to help you stand out


These few dating profile tips will help you stand out:

1. Make your profile conversational

We're drawn to authenticity and sincerity. As such, make your potential date feel like you're talking directly to him or her. In practical terms, the more you make your online crush feel an instant connection with you, the higher the chances he or she will want to contact you. In your profile, you could ask a question like, "Are tou ready for the loudest screams when we ride that roller-coaster?" or "Wouldn't it be fun if we could share our love of museums by going to four in one weekend?". By writing your profile in the  style that you use to chat with your friends, you'll be giving your dates a sneak peek at what dating you would be like.

2. Keep some thoughts to yourself

You don't have to spill your guts about yourself in your dating profile. Honesty is a must, but full disclosure isn't recommended, really. You're promoting yourself, so shine the spotlight on your accomplishments, talents, and everything wonderful about you.

Don't share that you were fired from your most recent job, had bypass surgery a year ago, or have $10,000 in credit card debt. Especially don't go into the gory details of your last three breakups. And whatever you do, even if we're all thinking it, don't ever say online dating is your last resort. That way, you are insulting anyone looking at your profile.

3. Headlines do sell newspapers (And you)

Your username is your smile, your scent, your flirty laugh, and your body language in real life. In digital life, your username is your chance to make a great first impression and capture your crush's attention - so they will be intrigued. It might be your only chance to get him/her to go from viewing you to reaching out.

Take time while selecting your username, because it equals your personal brand. It does send a message about who you are, and it'll either attract your ideal match, or make them run as quickly as possible. The job is to be your very own marketing and public relations agency.

Online dating is reminiscent of of window shopping—you stop and take notice when the shoe looks like it'd be a perfect fit for you. Your username paired with the photo is the best way to go from "online racks" to the "online cash register". You only have a nanosecond to make the viewer to stay or leave. So create a intriguing, unique and fun username is essential.

Online dating is indeed competitive. I wish I could give everyone a unique username, but I can't. Here are some suggestions:

  • Let's start with an iced decaf cappuccino
  • Rx for Love
  • Country man turned City Slicker
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Passionate for Sailing

4. Stay away from that which you do not want

This is hard to avoid. I know you want to lay the cards on the table. If you say "no drugs, no cheaters, no liars, no hook ups, no players, no one who eats meat, no one who is self-employed, no one without a credit card, etc.", you've found the qualities that you think you want. Unfortunately, even if something meets your list of qualifications, they'll probably be turned off by it. When daters see someone listing what they don't want - they think, "I'm sure you will find something wrong with me too - who needs someone who has a long list of don'ts.?"

5. Aim for an imperfect profile

If your profile is honest and accurate, it guarantees that your date will look forward to meeting the real you. How wonderful! Instead of trying to write the perfect profile, how about writing an imperfect one and explain it? It's a unique and different approach. Here's an example of what that might look like:

I have been working on my profile for days, if not weeks. Every time I feel it's "perfect" I wonder what you are going to think of it(me) and will you want to meet me? So, after weeks obsessing over what to write I decided that I was going to say who I really am, and even if you go to the next profile, that's okay because we might not click. First, let me tell you about a few of my blemishes; I can be a picky eater at times, I don't like to argue, I need lots of affection and I can be a worrier at times. Phew.... I am glad that is out of the way now. About my hobbies... I am not athletic, really, don't have any serious collections and prefer not to do daring kinds of things like bungee jumping. I however promise that I am one of the most interesting, curious, down to earth, fascinating, fun, warm, adventurous, caring and humble people you will meet. The funniest things make me so so happy, winning $5.00 on a scratch off lotto ticket, finding my long lost favorite shoes, hanging at outdoor free concerts, and getting an I love u text for no reason. I would do anything for the love of my life. It would be fantastic if you have a huge heart and smile to go along with your quick wit, your inquiring mind, your adorable face and body, and even if most of your interests are even different from mine. How about going for burger or frozen yogurt with yummy toppings to see if we click! Talk soon...

You pay a price if you're not authentic and frank. You increase your chances of being disappointed as your date was expecting someone else to show up.

Always remember that the goal is to capture your crush's attention instantly so they will want to contact you. This is your moment, so sing your own praises, show your wit and be a window to your soul.

You want those viewing you to say wow and visualize how you will capture their hearts. Self-promotion with a touch of humility and tenderness is the ideal blend here.