Latest photo tips for online dating


How to take a fabulous photo

As it turns out, online dating photos for your profile may already be in your smartphone. You simply have to select the right one. To be of service, online dating assistant Datenhance checked out the data and found a few data-backed insights to guide you into selecting the best possible dating photo.

A small disclaimer: This is our advice and what we have found to be extremely effective. There will always be exceptions to such rules, and you may find you get loads of matches from a photo with you in the car. However, don't risk it! Follow these simple steps and you are guaranteed a higher chance of success. Your photos are your one chance of success 

Here's what we found:

1. Skip the hat.

Online daters of all genders were seen less attractively, and as such got fewer likes from potential matches, when they had a hat on in their photo. People like to see all of you if possible—the whole of your face and even that lovely head of hair. To show off, ditch the hat.

2. Full-body photo.

Having at least one full-body picture in your profile can get you up to 203% more messages than average. Phew! That's a hell of a lot. As the icing on top of the cake, people with full-body photos get 33% more replies.

3. Get your sport jersey out.

People sporting a jersey (t-shirt of their favourite team), or sporty outfit get 32% more messages and 17% more responses. It's a fabulous way to show off that personality of yours in the pics and give that special someone a given ice-breaker.

4. Vacation pics.

Everyone looks so relaxed on vacation - and it's another great conversation starter. Adding a vacation snap to your profile can get you 6% more messages.

5. Avoid selfies.

Women who have a selfie get 4% more messages. Guys, it's the opposite. Men with a selfie photo get 8% fewer messages than average. Having said that, we did a study and found that when comparing a selfie to a normal photo, a normal photo will always win! Check it out here. 

6. Guys, go outdoors.

Men who have outdoor photos in their profile get 19% more messages - women who have outdoor photo get 40% fewer.

7. Don't take photos in your car.

Photos of people in front of or inside a car or motorcycle get far fewer likes. If you've got a great set of wheels, think twice before showing them off in your profile. Remember, people want to connect with you, not with your vehicle.

8. Drop the shades.

Similarly to hats, people wearing sunglasses - and hiding large parts of their faces - get 63% fewer messages and receive far fewer likes.

9. Be the star of your photos.

It's hard tell who you are if you're using a group shot. People who have more than one face in their profile get 42% fewer messages. More importantly, avoid a photo with an ex or someone who looks like they could be your date. It's tempting to use wedding photos - you're dressed amazing and dancing in joy -  but if the person you're posing with looks like a date it could turn people off.

10. Don't pose with animals.

My Instagram is a steady stream of photos of my dog, so I'm guilty. I also find this to be a particularly hard piece of advice to give. The sad truth is that animal photos don't go down well. If you're posing with a dog, elephant, cat, monkey, bird, tiger etc., it can get you up to 53% fewer messages.

11. Verify your photos if you can.

All sites don't have this feature yet, but if you can, do verify your photos. It can pay off big time. People verifying their photos get up to 100% more messages than average. It's a boost that can legitimize your whole profile.

12. Ladies, get close up and show off those eyes.

53% of men notice the eyes first in a woman's profile picture. Secondly, 32% of men said they notice the prospective woman's body, 12% mentioned her hair first, and 3% said the woman's lips.

13. Natural makeup.

The same survey as above alludes to the fact that 86% of men prefer a woman with light and natural makeup, as compared to someone with a profile photo who's done up big.

14. More than 4 photos.

The more pics the better, and the magic number is 4. Looking into the data, we found that profiles with more than four photos get more messages than those with less, and also hold longer conversations.

After reading the tips here, you'll start to see a pattern—people want to see you - the real you. It may be counter-intuitive that your dating profile is the one place you have to show off a little. Make sure you're not hiding out in the shadows of your ride or behind a pair of shades, be the main focal point of the picture, be natural, and put yourself way out there. You may be surprised by how well these things actually works.

Check out the data we found regarding smiling in your photos, smiling is always a good idea!