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Let me make one thing clear, I NEVER watch silly tv series because I find them trashy and fake. Reality shows literally get the worst out of the people participating in them. A few years ago I gave the Big Brother a chance but I regretted it 10 minutes after the show started. Is there anything worse than random people shouting at each other for no reason or show producers setting you up broadcasting on national television that your partner is cheating on you while you’re not out there?!

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A few days ago I found out about the existence of a new TV programme called “Naked Attraction”. For our non-British readers, “Naked Attraction” is a reality show broadcasted on Channel 4 and it is described as “the daring dating series that starts where some good dates might end - naked”. You can think of it as the naked version of Take me out with LOADS of close-ups on boobs, vajayjays and wieners. 

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Add some cringe banter, awkward naked hugs and embarrassing questions about crotches and pubic hairs and voila’!

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This dating series follows the familiar pattern of having a “bachelor” on a quest to find love. The producers ask them questions about what their potential partner looks like. The show then selects 6 people who have at least one of the requirements (age, gender, sexual orientation, height, tattoos etc) requested by the bachelor. The difference between this and other dating shows is that here the only way to choose your better half is by looking at them in their birthday suits. In fact, all the suitors are anonymous until the very end when the bachelor has to choose between the 2 people left from the elimination phase.

Appearance = EVERYTHING

Modern society has always put appearances into such high consideration. Men and women’s decisions related to love and dating are usually based on how attractive someone is, and I found quite curious that in this show people’s faces are the last thing to be revealed.

I tried to put myself in the shoes of the participants and I thought “How can someone choose a partner just looking at their naked bodies? What if they have an ideal body shape but once seen their face you don’t find them attractive?” and also “Why does someone want to get completely naked on a tv show and have a random person judge their bodies?”. On one hand, I admire those people who had the courage to put themselves out there. To my eyes they are strong and self-confident even if they know that their bodies don’t follow the modern standard of canonical beauty. All of us should feel free to express ourselves, wear whatever we want and not be afraid of other people’s negative opinions. On the other hand, a show like this might ignite fiery discussions about body shaming. I appreciate the noble intention of making the show celebrate people’s different body shapes and sizes but there is literally no way producers can stop contestants from expressing their thoughts and preferences out loud. 

In 2017, Naked Attraction viewers tried to boycott the show because of body shaming comments from one of the contestants. For context, Jack in his VT said that previously he was unhappy with his body because he weighed 14 stone. He worked on his body going from “fat Jack to fit Jack”. What made people go nuts is his comment about the curvy Rosanna. She was the first he eliminated because her body reminded him of how he looked in the past that’s why he considered curvy women unattractive. Not cool, Jack. NOT COOL!

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Thank you for your honesty but you’re on national TV. Think of something different like “I’m not into blue hair” or something! The fact that you feel confident in your “new” fit body doesn’t mean that you can put someone else down! It goes without saying that Twitter was literally on fire!

We don’t know if what Jack said was an evil master plan from the producers who were trying to get a strong reaction from its users but keep in mind that reality shows are meant to be shallow and silly. Their sole purpose is to help people escape from reality and forget about problems and worries or just be kept as background noise while cooking. No one while judge you because you’re watching them and if what is happening is making you feel uncomfortable switch off the tv and read a good book!