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Our Method


Online dating involves evaluation of pictures, not of people

The world of Online Dating is full of paradoxes. And so it is only natural that Profile Pictures hide a number of surprises. That's why we exist, to straighten out those question marks, and help you select your best Profile Pictures.

How we collect the data

For every message a woman sends on dating platforms, a man sends 8. DATEnhance has a similar phenomenon - there are 10 men for each woman on our platform, getting their pictures rated. Our services were never built specifically for men, but that's the reality we exist in.

That's why we also have two separate apps, branded specifically for women. One helping women select their perfect Social Media Profile Picture, and one where women can find their type by rating men. This way, we can get much higher number of ratings on all pictures.

Our questions

We'll ask each person rating photos between three and seven questions. Users can also leave comments. As a standard non-paying member, you'll be able to find out the following, per photo:

How attractive you look - How old you look - Would the fairer sex swipe you right?


It's amazing how a beard can add 10 years to your looks. A baseball cap might take 5 years off. We've also found that men under 30 loose 1 - 5 years if they're smiling, whilst men over 30 add 2 - 7 years whilst smiling.

Why does it matter? Well, because people often look to date people their own age. And age isn't just a number, it's a look.

Who would swipe you right?

We're asking a simple question here - would you go to bed with him/her? That is at large the premise of the Tinder-phenomenon. However, we slice that up into more fine-grained scales, to provide you with more data. We ask: How likely would it be? Never? Absolutely? When you're tipsy? Well, all those are really interesting answers, and we quantify them.

There is a fascinating difference between women and men here, in terms of their distribution on this scale. The average man would go out with every other to every fifth woman. The average woman however, would go out with every eight to every twentieth man. The implications of this cannot be stressed enough. You might find that 10% of women would go out with you - but a female version of you would find that number rising to 50%. So don't despair if only 10% of women would go out with you. Well, despair, but know that you're not unique - women are simply pickier. All the more reason to get excellent profile pictures.

The standard scale, 1-10

Men have been rating women on their beauty since the times of Mammoths. Women have indeed been doing the same, but perhaps at a lesser scale.


We ask if the user has any specific comments, be it flirting, giving advice or telling you off.


We have just started offering meters of Confidence. More information to come as more data trickle in.


We have just started offering meters of Sexiness. More information to come as more data trickle in.


We have just started offering meters of Influence. More information to come as more data trickle in.


We have just started offering meters of Likability. More information to come as more data trickle in.