Professional Online Dating Photos


Should you really get professional dating photos?

We cannot stress enough how important is it to have good photos of yourself for dating apps. It is our whole those, the thing that makes you stand out. The one chance to make a lasting impression. As the saying goes, you’re only as attractive as your worst photo. 

Maybe you didn’t even know this type of service existed, but DATEnhance are expanding in London and adding a professional photographer to the team! With this expansion, online daters in London can book in a session to get professional photos taken for their online dating profile. As a team, we are committed to raising the overall quality of your profile, lets be honest, why wouldn’t you want to do better online.

Professional dating profile images may seem like overkill at first, but any seasoned online dater will understand the frustrating experience of sifting through a stack of lacklustre photos, trying to decide what smile will get the most matches. Does blue really make your eyes pop? Struggling to find six pictures that show you in the perfect light can be a tricky task. The frustration does not just exist when selecting your own photos, but when it comes to scrolling through other users, squinting at blurry group shots or poorly-lit gym selfies trying to figure out what this user actually looks like is not fun. Many even question if online dating is worth the endless scrolling. 

Remember: You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince!

Most online dating profile photos are very mediocre. You would not send off a mediocre job application, so why do people do it on dating apps? Show your best assets, shows your smile - most importantly dont be shy! By getting a photographer to snap your online dating photos will improve your profile tenfold.

The Photography Session

When you book this session with DATEnhance, we will reach out to you and ask a few questions to try and understand you a little better and so that we are able to showcase you in the best possible light. As online dating photos are the ultimate personal branding photo.

Good photos on dating sites need to involve something about the subject that draws you in and makes viewers you want to know more. On a dating app, you need to feel a connection with that person, and the portrait photograph is the only chance to make that all-important first impression. Professional photographers know exactly how to capture people at their best and should work with you in a relaxed and confident manner to provide photos that are visually striking and a cut above the rest.

We have three options available at DATEnhance.

Package 1: This package costs £55 and it includes A 30-minute photoshoot session, 1 location change, no outfit change, and 3 photos sent to you. *All images will be lightly retouched before they are sent to you

Package 2: This package costs £95 and it includes A 45-minute photoshoot session, 1 location change, 1 outfit change, and 6 photos sent to you. *All images will be lightly retouched before they are sent to you

Package 3: This package costs £145 and it includes A 60-minute photoshoot session, 2 location changes, 1 outfit changes, and 9 photos sent to you. *All images will be lightly retouched before they are sent to you

Why do I need someone to take these photos?

People often choose photos that they like of themselves and feel attractive in, without considering what that photo communicates. In reality, your dating photos aren't for you but are for your dating app audience and it's really good to consider what they see in your photos. I'd recommend having a professional dating photoshoot where your photographer can help you with that. 

As an online dating expert, photos are undeniably the most important part of one’s profile. It’s a shallow world, and it’s getting to the point where fuzzy, badly-lit photos just won’t cut it.