Queer Eye Dating Tips



Let's be serious. If there's anyone that I'm going to take dating tips from, it would be Antoni and Jonathan from Queer Eye. Combined they are a fashion duo to be reckoned with. Therefore, when we saw this swipe session from Tinder we just had to share the photo tips they gave Mayra to help her get a date.

Before we get stuck in, can we just appreciate how much they're gushing over Mayra's beautiful photos for a moment? They are too much for our little souls to handle.


On to the photos!

The photo above got a lot of constructive feedback from the guys. "She is natural, she is a traveller." They are both making lots of assumptions about her within a millisecond of swiping. Plus, as Antoni points out, every photo is a conversation opener and you need to decide what you want that conversation to be before you hit upload. Putting a drink in your photo for example, opens up more speculation about the type of person you are and what you may be like to date.

Lesson #1:

Make sure you look good, but don't just stop there. The rest of the photo is just as important when making a first impression. If you want to start a conversation and come across as this interesting fun person, this is a great way to do it without wasting those all-important bio characters!


"What's going on with all this wasted space over here? I'm looking at these columns, I'm looking at these tiles. You're the third thing I notice because there's so much going on." – Jonathan.

I think Jonathan has done a pretty fab job of summarising everything that we're thinking about the above picture here.

Lesson #2:

Make the most of the space you have on screen. Don't choose a photo where you're squished into a corner. Make sure that you are the focus of attention, not your background, a funny hat or your dog. This goes for guys too!

I think the interesting thing here was that Mayra promptly tried to give some context, "This is me in Vegas", to which Antoni asks if her putting up a picture of her in Vegas makes her look like a party girl. Mayra's reply? She went to Vegas with her mother. As adorable as that is, Antoni drops another truth bomb. Nobody knows that from the photo. They literally just see whatever it is that they've just swiped.

Lesson #3:

Don't assume knowledge. The people that are swiping through your photos don't know you, they don't know your story or how great you are! All they know about you is what you've put up – so you need to make sure that it reflects your personality and isn't just representative of that one time you went to Vegas with your mum.

If you're still struggling to pick the perfect photos for your dating app, why not become part of our community? We can help you choose the best photos so that next time you're swiping you have complete confidence in how you come across!