I asked my matches to rate my hinge profile.


Rate My Profile 

I am not a frequent user of dating apps. Granted I do have a couple downloaded on my phone but don’t really use them to talk to people, selfishly I use them more for my own vanity. Am I a narcissist you ask? Maybe.

We preach about how important your photos are in your dating profile so why not put it to the test. I decided to ask several men (I will change their names) to rate my profile. Is this a mistake? Alas that’s the fun of talking to a stranger right? Totally unpredictable.

My first encounter was tremendously helpful. Let’s call him Josh. He replied almost instantaneously, all because I had asked so politely – first tip, manners cost nothing. He outlined how dating apps had conditioned users into believing they need to swipe through 100s of people as quick as possible to maximize the chance of response. Josh however, he prefers to stop and... smell the roses. Providing the first photo catches his eye. He said two of my pictures ‘leaked personality’ (thanks Josh), whilst also pinpointing my worst picture. This was interesting as I considered this photo to be a stronger candidate. More than one group shot according to Josh, apparently is ‘boring’ as I had already established that I have friends.. duly noted. Tip number two, group photos ‘add nothing.’

Another helper, *Oscar, thought I was asking these questions as a chat up line. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t, but his efforts in unmatching with me highlighted that he had no interest in finding out.

*Peter was drawn to the image on my profile in which I am holding a surfboard. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I in fact do not surf it was just a prop in this instance. Leading to tip number three, including your hobbies/interests in your photos is a great conversation starter and allows people to see your personality. Mine being that I am apparently a fake.

On hinge in general, people seem to appreciate the prompts you can write (apparently mine need some work and I am not as funny as I once thought). The more you attempt humour the better. *Simon stressed how he loathes the same repetitive ‘jokes’ people use, he longs for individuality. Tip four complete your profile to a standard that is engaging and includes a conversation starter. No one really ever knows what to message first so help them out.

As a whole no boy/man appreciated being matched purely as a test subject so tip number five, don’t do research on Hinge it doesn’t really get you anywhere. Several matches also thought I was just searching for validation through compliments; no sir this is strictly professional.

In general, my profile received some lovely comments, some constructive feedback but the overall consensus is that people want to see your personality shine through your photos and that online dating kind of sucks.


Inspired by Julia D’Orazio.