Selfies are trendy and artistic

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What Do We Post Online?

Working at DATEnhance made me realise that most of the time we post random photos we have on our phones or PCs without thinking about the impact they can have on others. Selfies are an example of this.

Selfies are the trendiest type of photos existing right now, apparently. Find a profile that doesn’t have at least one. Honestly, I understand why they are so popular: you can do it by yourself; You can take as many as you want and then choose the best ones; you can do stupid-sexy-sad faces without anyone making fun of you and you can take them literally everywhere, even in your bathroom! 

Be careful, though. Many people find selfies unappealing because you’re just showing your face without giving context to your photo; the background is messy or disgusting (yes, I’m talking about bathroom selfies with your toilet on show!) and many other reasons. If you’re asking yourself “why am I not getting matches on dating apps?”, your selfies might be the cause.

Are Selfies A Form Of Art?

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As I wrote in an article for PictureRating, our sister page, “Selfies have always been seen as the epitome of narcissism and self absorption. Vacuous shallow people with a blank expression whose only purpose is to look pretty and sexy for the audience and to attract as many likes as possible, highlighting that they represent the current society standard of beauty”.

Who are we to judge and call someone selfish, shallow or empty? Selfies can be more than what we can actually see and think. “They might represent our love for attention, the attempt to stand out from the crowd, it’s a way to leave our comfort zone or need for social connections”.

I know that many of you won’t agree with it but each of us has a different perspective that we have to respect. If you see a picture you don’t like on dating apps you can just swipe left; If you’re using DATEnhance you can skip the photo or decide to rate it and give constructive feedback to help our users understand what’s wrong with their photos.

In 2015, Kim Kardashian published “Selfish” a 445-page book with selfies and captions showing her physical evolution. This book could surprisingly be considered by the critics a work of art and be seen as an attempt to show that Kim Kardashian is a real person with passions and memories and not only the queen of social media. In 2017, the Saatchi Gallery set up an exhibition called “From Selfies to Self-Expression” presenting the most creative and original selfies of artists and photographers. 

The Oxford dictionary defines art “the use of the imagination to express ideas or feelings”. Art is the expression of ourselves and what is more expressive than our faces?!