Do selfies work on dating apps?

Selfies, selfies, selfies!

We have always had mixed feelings about selfies. Many see them as the epitome of narcissism and self absorption. Vacuous shallow people with a blank expression whose only purpose is to look pretty and sexy for the audience and to attract as many likes as possible. Yet we can’t help but take them and post them on social media and dating apps. It looks almost like a love-hate relationship. Studies and surveys show that selfies are not effective on dating apps because they look like false advertising. In fact, those who are looking at our shots finds them odd, unattractive and fake since they don’t show what’s your real looks.

MRW people post pictures of half naked women for upvotes. (No, I am not  gay) - GIF on Imgur

Insidehook published an interesting article dedicated to selfies and why you should not post them.  Honestly, I couldn’t agree more with what they wrote!

Bed selfies are a big no. I know that celebrities do it from time to time - posting selfies when they just woke up where they look absolutely perfect. I hope you know that those are well-staged selfies! In reality, you are not as sexy as you think you are. I’m not saying this to undermine your confidence but because I saw my sleepy face and it’s not that attractive. 

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Shirtless selfies will get you 25% fewer matches than those where you're wearing a T-shirt. Unbelievable, isn't it? Let me tell you more! A survey from showed that 90% of men thought that shirtless photos would be more successful on dating apps. 76% of women didn't agree with that since they saw that behaviour as a sign of immaturity.

Selfies generally decrease the chance of swiping right on you by 40% and it's even worse when posting bathroom selfies since the chance someone swipes left on you goes up to 90%.

To confirm the data provided by, we uploaded a few selfies to DATEnhance to see what our lively community thinks.

Believe in your selfie or not?

Woman in Brown Blazer Smiling 
Man in White Turtleneck Sweater Standing Near Window

The two photos above were taken in the same room and show the exact same person who is wearing the same outfit, except for the jacket.

We asked a poll of 100 heterosexual women** to rate these photos asking 'Would you swipe right on this person?'. The outcome confirmed the results shared on 69% of women said yes to the half bust photo against the 31% who said yes to the selfie. Now you have the real proof that selfies are not as effective as we thought. Actually, they can even make your overall performance on dating apps worse.

The only purpose of our data is to improve your online date-ability and show what people actually think about this specific topic. We just want to encourage you to think twice before deciding which photos you are going to post on dating apps.

**These photos were added to our rating system where this question was posed to actual users to ensure authenticity.

What about women?

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The Huffington Post, VICE and many other magazines interviewed I wide number of men asking 'Would you swipe right on a woman's selfie?'. 19% of them said yes, adding that they actually prefer when women take mirror selfies because they can see their entire bodies. Well, what did you expect?!

Which photo do you prefer?

Selective Focus Photography of Woman Taking Photo of HerselfSmiling Woman Wearing Blue Denim Button-up Jacket and Brown Hat With Hands Below Her Face










The pictures above show the same woman in the same spot - you cans ee the same background - wearing the same outfit. This time we asked a pool of 100 men to rate the pictures. What came out is that only 21% of them would swipe right on the selfie. Our graph also shows that the half bust has been rated higher than the selfie.

Selecting the right photos for your online dating profile is very important. Make sure you choose those showing the best version of you.