Should I really smile in my dating photos?

'A smile is the best accessory you can wear'.

Ever since the duck face came into 'fashion' about ten years ago, people seem to have forgotten how to smile. 

When looking at a dating profile and debating in your head whether or not to message 'Mr. Serious Face', does the fact he is not smiling come into play? For approximately 68%* of heterosexual woman, it matters hugely. 

A smile is a simple yet effective way to show you enjoy life, and that people can have fun with you. So does a smile guarantee a date? We tested a total of 3,000 photos, half men and half women to test different hypothesis. Of the 1,500 photos of men from our site and we saw 37% of those selected were smiling, a mere 555 smiles.

The graph below shows a comparison of a non-smiling photo to a smiling photo (displayed underneath the graph), how likely is it that a woman will say yes to dating them according to their facial expression?


To smile or not to smile?

The two photos above are evidently of the same person. Every aspect of the image is the same with one independent variable - a smile.

We asked 100 heterosexual women** to rate these photos as separate entities. On the rating system that our users operate to give feedback, following the question 'How attractive is this person' comes 'Would you date this person'. When asked this question for the photos above, 35% of women said yes to photo A, with no smile. Whereas, 68%* of the woman said yes to photo B, the photo in which the man is smiling. Our results have been displayed graphically above. Given that no other factors were changed in these images, we can absolutely confirm that a smile is much more effective on a dating app. Other factors may of course have in to play in peoples decision to date this boy or not, but smiling made a huge improvement.

These are our results based on our data. You are most welcome to maintain your view on reality but we will not shy away from stating what the data clearly illustrates.

**These photos were added to our rating system where this question was posed to actual users to ensure authenticity.



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What about women?

Smiling is so great there is even a day dedicated to it! In 1999, it was declared that every first Friday of October would be World Smile Day.  According to science, smiling actually makes us feel better

Because smiling is so important when it comes to finding 'the one', dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, analyzed the profile photos of 300 of their members to see which types of smiles garnered the most “likes.” What they found was that not only does smiling in your profile photo make a huge difference, but how you smile also plays in your favour.

1. Woman who tilt their heads are more desirable.

According to the findings, women who smile while tilting their head to the side are really raking in the “likes.” Of those who are “liked” more than 50% of the time, 71% of them are smiling with their heads tilted.

2. Show your teeth when smiling.

The data showed that big toothy smiles are winners for both men and women. Of the men who are "liked" more than 50% of the time, 79% are showing their teeth when they smile, while the percentage for women is 58. Can you imagine if a woman smiled and tilted her head?! Minds would be blown everywhere!

3. Woman can pull off a closed-grin better than men

Despite the closed grin being so hard to read, of the single women who get the most "likes" on Coffee Meets Bagel, 24% of them have a closed mouth grin in their profile photo, whereas only 5% of the most "liked" men are getting any sort of attention with this look. (See? Constipated.)

So why is a smile so effective? When people see your smile, they usually smile themselves, even just a little bit. This releases endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemicals. As a result, they associate you with a positive sensation, which means they’re more likely to want to contact you. That’s why smiling makes such a significant difference in whether people contact you or not.








The pictures above show clearly the same woman. In one shot she is smiling the other she is not. We asked 100 people to rate the attractiveness of each photo. These were not necessarily the same 100 people, however, there may have been overlaps, and these people were not selected based on their sexual orientation, just to simply rate the photo-based on their first impression & the results were as follows. 

All the results were averaged and displayed graphically below.

Which photo is better?

To conclude, regardless of your gender, age, nationality or your favourite food - a smile is the best thing you can wear!