What to do with scores from Datenhance

How do you pick your best profile picture once you have the data?

We'll break down how to choose a good assortment of photos and how to not misrepresent yourself.


1. Look at the total scores

Looking attractive and having a high right-swipe is what you're looking for. You can also add the deeper analysis, you'll get the following categories: How sexy you look, how confident you look, how influential you look and how likeable. Consider using all these categories with equal weight in your analysis.

The images are sorted by default based on your total score. Keep the highest total scored snaps in your next consideration.

2. Consider that attractiveness doesn't mean base-level swipeability

Attractiveness can shine through bad photos. Uninteresting people can look stunning.

Also consider that there's a massive cliff-phenomena here - once you pass the threshold of that right-swipe, it will come like a waterfall - this means you either get no matches (or bots, bless their souls) or tons of matches. As a man that is.

As a woman, you can get tons of right-swipes with shitty photos. But those right-swipes are unlikely to be of high quality. So it's even more important as a woman to get a high score here, as otherwise you'll be wading through low-quality matches when there's not a single high-quality match in there.

So pay attention to the swipe ability.

3. Consider the additional categories Confident and Likeable for quality matches

Attractiveness scores are not the end of the story. That's because you want to get those really high-torque matches from photos where you look confident and likeable.

From what we can see, like attracts like. As such, if you want confident and likeable partners, your photos need to look the part.

Nailing these additional two traits are really important! But without attractiveness you won't get any matches, no matter how likeable or confident you look.

4. Sexiness and influence for hookupability

I love making up words. Hookupability! Figure out how likely you'll land hookups on Tinder and the like - fact is, we have seen that looking influential can have higher impact than how sexy you look.